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Our dynamic spatial audio (DSA)

The software we have developed can simulate a complete interactive virtual environment, including fast tracking of the listener’s head movements. It can render many moving sound sources in any acoustical space, from a small room to a large concert hall. The signal processing is done inside the headphone, as opposed to on a smartphone or a computer like most competitors do. This makes it possible to create very high-quality audio experiences. Avoiding the detrimental effects of Bluetooth latency allows for fast head tracking, enabling pinpoint spatial audio accuracy. And furthermore, it works across all playback devices, including iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, TVs and consoles. 

The software can be configured, for improving many everyday listening situations and for creating an abundance of novel applications. One of the key applications is enhancing the audio in wireless headphones and earbuds when used with mobile devices. Another is the reproduction of multi-channel surround sound setups for gaming and movies. And yet another is improving online communication, especially when several people are talking at the same time. By hearing people from different directions, it is much easier to understand what is being said, as compared to when they are talking inside of the head. And in general, we get much less tired after a long day of using headphones.

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