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Who is IDUN?

In Norse mythology Idun is the goddess of eternal youth and the keeper of the golden apples that keep the gods healthy and young. In the Nordic languages the name Idun means “The rejuvenating one”. So let’s stay young together!

At IDUN audio we believe that spatial audio is the future of any headphone solution, as it offers users the best sound experience, and most comfortable listening situation. We strive to help our partners and customers to rejuvenate and to stay ahead of the market by offering the best spatial audio experiences.

The team

Pauli Minnaar, M.Sc, Ph.D

Chief executive officer

Author of 10 audio patents
25 years in spatial audio

Adriaan Pelzer, B.Eng

Chief technical officer

Successfully built and scaled multiple engineering teams

Ivan Sandager, M.Sc (IMM)     

Chief Commercial Officer

17 years experience in sales
and management in audio

Kasper D. Lund, M.Sc     

App and interface

Audio-visual immersion expert

and software programmer

Marcello D’Alessio, M.Sc

Embedded software

Embedded systems

integration lead developer

Quentin Prost, M.Sc

Acoustics and DSP

Audio signal processing

and algorithm developer

Antoni Grabowski, M.S

Embedded software

 Embedded systems

and hardware developer

Otto Frandsen, M.Sc
Embedded DSP

20 years developing audio 

signal processing software

Irene S. Minnaar, B.Sc

Design and communication

Concepting and exploring
end user experiences

Advisory board

Joel Beilin, M.Sc

Consultant in hearing and audio

35 years experience

Jens Tybo Jensen, M.BA, M.Sc

Director of sales in audio

30 years experience

Michael R. Böwadt, B.Sc.Hons

Startup board member & coach

17 years experience in audio

Lasse Sørensen, M.Sc

Senior business developer

Copenhagen Business Hub

Mark Højgaard, M.Sc

Entrepreneur and investor 

22 years of startup experience