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Are you ready to listen to the future?

The way we use sound is changing. We are increasingly listening to digital media. This is driven by an exponential growth in audio content from online meetings, phone calls, podcasts, audio books, music movies, gaming, virtual- and augmented reality (VR/AR) and the metaverse. Soon we’ll be wearing headphones most of the time. But listening with traditional headphones can be very tiring! This is mainly because the sound appears to be inside our heads - an unnatural experience that we have come to accept.

During everyday listening, however, we can hear where sound is coming from, how far away things are, and what space we are in. Currently, when listening with headphones, these amazing hearing abilities are lost. That is why IDUN audio has developed dynamic spatial audio (DSA) software - to restore natural hearing when listening with headphones.

Complete spatial audio engine on the headphone

The high-quality, physics-based spatial audio software can be configured to enhance any listening situation.

Precise low-latency
head tracking

Avoiding Bluetooth latency allows for fast and precise head tracking, which enables pinpoint spatial audio accuracy.

Connect to any
playback device

Spatial audio always works no matter the playback device, be it an iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, TV or console.

Available on industry-standard audio chipsets

Having ported the software to renowned chipsets makes it easy to adopt dynamic spatial audio (DSA).

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